David’s ability to perform is easily matched by his professionalism at every event he is a part of. He has a full iPad operated PA system as well as a high quality LED Light system. Also, by request, he has the ability to play a client’s preferred playlist through any device.

Sound Specs:

P.A. system that consists of 11,500 watts of power, 4 towers (8 x 15” speakers and 4 horns), 4 x 18” subwoofers, 4 x 15” monitors, floor 100 foot extension snake, Mackie Onyx 16 channel mixer, 5 Shure SM 58 microphones, Beta 58, condenser microphones, drum microphones and amp microphones.

This system is large enough for medium and small venues outside and inside.

For more information on what David can do for your event, please contact him personally:





Classical Guitar Style: Flamenco Medley

Progressive Guitar Style: Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson Cover


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